Most Popular Girl Names in 2013

Bringing a new life into this world entails a certain set of responsibilities, things every parent must do to not be labeled a failure. Every parent must feed, clothe and shelter their children; that’s no secret. Coming up with a good moniker from the long list of baby names for your new little girl might prove more difficult than some of those other tasks. There are just so many to choose from, it can be difficult to label your new girl with the name she will carry for the rest of her life. Thankfully, the top 10 girl names of 2013 have all been compiled here.

Eleanor has long been a popular name but it’s because of that long life that it tends to sound kind of old when compared to other names. By adding a simple letter you can change that to Eleanora, something which sounds fresh while still staying sensible. Satine (or Sabine) are both great girl names too. They have a distinct Middle East feel and sound which is difficult to resist. It seems strange that the names aren’t used more often. Sybil is also a nice name, a classic which doesn’t sound like a classic.

Arya is another great name, even if it is a short one. It’s seen a rise in popularity thanks to Game of Thrones but it’s got lasting appeal which will remain even after people forget about that new show. Fiona is a nice enough name and it’s certainly not as common as Mary or Sue, though it does tend to show up more often than some of these other names. Athena, a name right out of Greek mythology, is one of the strongest girl names on this list and makes a great choice if you can’t think of anything else.

Paris might be the city of love but it’s also a simple name for girls. It’s even androgynous so it might work for a boy too. Patchouli isn’t at all common and to be honest most people don’t know what the flower even smells like but that doesn’t change the fact it’s a sweet name for a little girl. Sophia is another beautiful name and that just leaves one more. Last but certainly not least, Scarlet (or Scarlett) is a great choice, especially for a little redhead.

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